Transformation of the reporting landscape

Creation of a development report in SAP BW & SAC

  • 1  Platform: Group-wide consolidated reporting in SAC with data in SAP BW
  • 4 Stories: Simple, interactive and fast reports
  • 55 Key users: Comprehensive access rights so that every employee can be up-to-date
  • Transformation through  innovative data models, flexible extensions and interactive functionality

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Our client - The housing association

BUWOG, which operates as a real estate developer in both Germany and Austria, has more than 70 years of experience in the residential real estate market. The three companies in total, which are managed under the BUWOG brand, are part of Vonovia SE, Europe's leading housing company. Together, they cover the entire value chain of the housing sector.

BUWOG Development has decided to proactively address the  increasing requirements within the development reporting and prepare itself for the further growth of the development pipeline.

The use of SAP Analytics Cloud is part of our IT strategy. Our partners at Finatycs have provided the necessary understanding of our employee's requirements and the necessary expertise for SAP BW and SAC together with perfect service.

Martin Renezeder, Special Projects Digitalization and Innovation, BUWOG Austria

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Our challenges - Decentral data

In 2021, a comprehensive digitalization strategy for Development was created and initiated. In the course of this, the digitalization of reporting used in the SAP landscape was also targeted.

As a first step in setting up reporting, the Development division of BUWOG Group GmbH decided to comprehensively link its Data Warehouse (DWH) with the Business Warehouse (BW) of SAP.

This link enables the creation of a comprehensive data model in SAP BW. The central bundling of all data in SAP BW forms the basis for the reporting generated in SAP Analytics Cloud.

In this way, reports are created in the blink of an eye, that are capable of cover the  required and desired level of detail, either for board or employee level.

  • Parts of the project master data were maintained decentralized, partly locally, and inconsistently stored.
  • A large number of employees worked with decentralized data instead of the project data in the DWH.
  • Reporting was very time consuming, error-prone and required a high level of of manual effort.
  • The use of own single versions of truth in individual departments resulted in an increased need for coordination in the interpretation of the results

With the help of virtual SAP BW systemmodels,  we have combined the different business perspectives into a common data model and made it available to all addressees in a common SAC reporting package.

The common data basis and automatic report generation have significantly increased the acceptance of the reporting by the customer.

Maciej Galica, Partner, Finatycs

Development of a scalable data model that can be used as a central data source for all stakeholders. This offers the advantage of a user-friendly frontend for asimple presentation of the standard monthly and quarterly reports for all addressees.

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Our Objective - Scalable data model

Althoughwe were already familiar with BUWOG Development's reporting data model, a change in technology is always a challenge.

The transition from Excel reporting to SAC reporting has been successful, and this progress enables an increased and more efficient transformation in the area of development reporting.

Rudolf Vasil, Partner, Finatycs

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Our Solution - Transformation to SAC reporting

  • Collection of requirements, definition of the reporting templates and the relevant data sources
  • Creation of a standardized webform for the collection of project-relevant master data, stored centrally in SAP BW
  • Creation of API solutions for connecting external data to the DWH (e.g., Google Analytics)
  • Establishment of a uniform SAP BW data model that unifies the data of DWH and SAP and fulfills the requirements of all stakeholders
  • Introduction of BW queries that are used as a live source of the SAC data model
  • Development of SAC stories that map the common reporting platform for all stakeholders
  • End-user training to enhance the mindset and skillset of the employees
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