Rapid Reporting

We are currently experiencing very challenging times in which companies are required to have a high degree of flexibility and resilience. Some organizations merge to become stronger together or spin off business units to focus on their core business for the same reason. These corporate transactions lead to a change in the reporting requirements and content.

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2.0 / The Finatycs approach
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1.0 / Challenges

New structures and
new systems

Most companies that undergo such a transformation are already expected to meet the set requirements by the reporting date of the next quarter, which is often quite a challenge due to the new processes, new structures or new systems. We understand this time pressure and have developed methods and tools to support companies in such critical times while always factoring in and fulfilling all compliance requirements. We are also aware of the impact that such a transformation has in terms of resources, and we therefore provide our clients with interim support when producing consolidated financial statements or handling management reporting requirements.

2.0 / The Finatycs approach

Our approach in these kinds of projects is to focus on the tough timeline and the compliance requirements. Both of these constraints define two major guidelines that lead us and our clients when establishing and fulfilling the right milestones and objectives. We strive to deliver the right product at the right time.


With regard to the tough timeline, we do not experiment with IT enablers. We use tools with which our clients are already familiar to minimize friction, add stability to the whole process and enable an immediate start.


All our projects in this area are highly sensitive, especially for our clients. The results of these projects are part of external or legal reporting and go on to be published or reported to banks, investors or other stakeholders. We are aware of this sensitiveness, which is why we implement consistency checks and perform analytical checks to validate our results during the whole project. Close and trustful cooperation with the client is crucial when working on projects with such exposure.


Although we are confident that our data gathering and transformation process is robust and reliable, we nonetheless define the half-life of the implemented solution. We draw up a concept for medium-term and long-term solutions right from the start.

3.0 / IT-Enabler (Software)

The selection of the right tool for data gathering and transformation is one of our success factors. The tools used ensure stability and trust, while software that is easy to handle provides a lot of transparency in the entire process, which is very much appreciated by our clients.

In our most recent projects, we used the following set of our tools:

IT-Enabler (Software)


MS SQL Server


MS Access


MS Excel in combination with Power Query

4.0 / Success stories

Our success stories
in rapid reporting

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4.0 / Contact

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