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Nowadays, the amount of data that companies are creating and using is increasing faster than ever. Each step in the company's value chain produces countless fragments of information, which are required to control operational processes and provide relevant information to customers, external partners, and employees in various functions.

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1.0 / Challenges

Challenges for data management and analytics

Mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and external reporting requirements increase the complexity of the data stored by the company. This business-relevant data is usually distributed across a large number of systems within and outside of companies. The data is additionally interpreted from different perspectives by different business functions. In order to best support the decision-making processes at different management levels, data in a dynamic business environment must always be correct, available in real time and easy to interpret.

2.0 / Our value proposition

We support our clients by designing and implementing the reporting architecture, which enables data-driven decision-making.


Understanding the requirement

We start our project by understanding the client’s reporting needs. This involves both determining the data model and reporting structures in the reporting system and focusing on the collection of relevant information as part of business processes in ERP systems, instead of having to correct and enrich it during further data processing.


Data standardization

With the implementation of the enterprise data warehouse (EDWH), we support the one-version of the truth within the company with multiple ERP systems. The EDWH enables the harmonization, standardization and historization of the company-wide data. Integrated data models provide a multi-dimensional analysis of key figures. In this case, one data model can provide data for different functions within the company, as well as with regard to different management levels and purposes.


Setting up the smart dashboard

The implementation of the right front end and visualization enables user-oriented data consumption – from aggregated dashboards with enterprise-wide KPIs for top executives to print ready reports for external recipients and right through to an ad hoc analysis for operational process performance.


Correct and long-term planning

We also support our clients by designing and implementing the integrated, system-supported planning process. We consider the dependencies between the sub-plans and create and compare different planning versions simulated with different value drivers.


Preparing comprehensive financial statements

To fulfill the requirement of the group financial reporting, we support our clients by designing and implementing group reporting solutions to gather the financial data from all reporting units, perform the relevant financial GAAP adjustment, eliminate and consolidate the I/C relations, and create the consolidated financial statement for both internal and external reporting.

A modern reporting
structure enables freedom

Our goal is to change the paradigm of reporting by reducing the time taken to gather, prepare, integrate and check the quality of data and improving the reliability of the data by standardizing the data in each system and providing one version throughout all systems. Solutions from Finatycs create freedom for the analysis of decision-relevant data and end the discussion about which data is correct.

Reporting Organization

Reporting/ Visualization
Data Warehousing
Planning & Simulation
Financial Consolidation
Reporting/ Visualization

Reporting Architecture

3.0 / IT-Enabler_Software

The selection of the right tool for data gathering and transformation is one of our success factors. The tools used ensure stability and trust, while software that is easy to handle provides a lot of transparency in the entire process, which is very much appreciated by our clients.

In our most recent projects, we used the following set of our tools

Data harmonization


SAP Data Services (DS)

Data warehousing


SAP Warehouse Cloud

Front end and visualization

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Analysis for Office

SAP Fiori

Power BI

Financial consolidation



Group Reporting



SAP BW Integrated Planning (BW IP)

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


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