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1.0 / About Us
2.0 / Vision
3.0 / Purpose
4.0 / Values
5.0 / Mission
6.0 / Career

1.0 / About us

Custom-made consulting services that are close to the client and their challenges:

This was the vision of three consultants who wanted to provide their clients with fast, efficient and high-quality solutions for accounting, controlling and IT. With the goal of not only providing better consulting but also being actively involved, we founded Finatycs GmbH in 2018. Since then, we and our team have been working in close cooperation with our clients as a trustworthy partner, successfully supporting them in sustainable process, organizational and workflow optimization measures. We design information structures in such a way that internal and external requirements can be met efficiently and in line with quality standards.

2.0 / Vision

Finatycs answers the future-relevant questions of our clients in the areas of accounting and controlling.

We believe in improving processes by implementing IT enablers and bring our technical expertise to the table in an advisory capacity. Our goal is to simplify the work of teams and experts and enable them to work with relevant data of their company in a time-efficient manner. Regardless of whether we are dealing with a corporation, medium-sized company or start-up, we roll up our sleeves and set impulses for long-term success.

3.0 / Purpose

Our enthusiasm for numbers and technology and our desire for agile, client-focused work are the driving forces behind our services.

We believe in the power of the individual, which can unfold into something great within a team and with the right impulse. We are proud to be able to help our clients with even the most complex of challenges, for example increasing data volumes and constantly revised legal requirements.

We are convinced that theories are not enough to make sustainable changes. Therefore, Finatycs is not only a provider of ideas but also actively takes action to create sustainable solutions together with our clients.

4.0 / Values

Our values are the foundation of our corporate identity.

We keep our focus on the essentials

We focus on our clients so that they are prepared for the future. Every decision that we make is based on helping them to achieve sustainable success.
Whether you’re a consultant or a managing partner, we are happy to be close by your side as your reliable partner.


We love challenges

The digitalization of accounting processes can be complex. We understand the problem and roll up our sleeves to solve it – because we love a challenge. We are driven by our passion for digital information structures.


We take action

We don’t get lost in strategies and discussions but instead tackle the task at hand. We focus on the essentials, move processes forward and empower our clients and their employees to do the same.


We work as a team

Flat hierarchies, trust and open communication characterize our culture at Finatycs. We value diversity, hire the best people and build great teams. We know that together we are better, more efficient and more flexible.


We strive for excellent results

The longstanding experience and expert knowledge of our team are our top assets. From the technologies we use to the action we take, we leave things better than we found them.


5.0 / Mission

Leading companies into the future.

We achieve this as a provider of ideas and implementer of solutions in the areas of finance excellence, data management, reporting and controlling. We contribute our expertise, advise and act in a client-oriented manner from day one. When faced with challenges, we tackle them with passion, however complex they may be. When doing so, we rely on our greatest strength: the competence of our team, which simplifies the work of our clients and initiates new ways of thinking.

6.0 / Career at Finatycs

We founded Finatycs because we want to become better than the big players – as a partner to our clients and especially as an employer. We know that great results can only be achieved by great teams.

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